Web Design January 1, 2024

McGill Scientific Research Center

In a collaborative effort with the McGill University Research Centre on Complex Traits (MRCCT), our web studio crafted a streamlined, interactive website designed to reflect the Centre’s pioneering research in genetic and molecular aspects of diseases. The project aimed to create a digital space that not only highlights MRCCT’s scientific endeavors but also fosters global collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Development Insights: Our journey began with in-depth discussions with MRCCT’s team to ensure the website accurately represented their work and vision. Focusing on user experience, we developed a site that organized content around the Centre’s research areas, upcoming events, and available resources. Features such as an interactive research showcase and a dynamic events calendar were integrated to engage a diverse audience, from researchers to the public.

Outcome: The result is a concise, informative website that enhances MRCCT’s visibility, encourages academic collaborations, and serves as a hub for sharing groundbreaking discoveries. Post-launch feedback praises the site for its clarity, navigability, and the effective communication of complex scientific information. This project not only amplifies MRCCT’s mission but also exemplifies the power of digital platforms in bridging scientific research with global communities.

LINK: http://complextraits.centre.mcgill.ca/

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